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natural protection and body care


Exclusive body care and wellness products for discerning customers, such as vitalizing bath salts, natural soaps and harmonious ambient scents. LaNature uses only selected, naturally pure ingredients and plant extracts from all over

the world. Whether lemon myrtle from Australia, olives from the Mediterranean or mangos from Southeast Asia.

The exclusive character of our products and the high quality are the result of many years of experience and a deep passion for fi ne scents. In the small, traditional town of Grasse in the heart of Provence, our perfumery specialists

create the fi ne scented oils that make our cosmetic series so distinctive. Preferred manufacturers in Southern French combine these natural scent substances with specially selected ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil,

coconut oil and mango butter to make high-quality body care products.

We take our time when exclusively developing of a new cosmetic series. For the discovery of new, often still unknown scents. For the first creations of the sensitive scent nuances. For perfect, natural manufacturing of lotions, creams and the various other body care series. Above all, nature needs time to unfold.